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Though warm my welcome everywhere,
I shift so frequently, so fast,
I cannot now say where I was 
The evening before last,

Unless some singular event
Should intervene to save the place,
A truly asinine remark,
A soul-bewitching face,

Or blessed encounter, full of joy,
Unscheduled on the Giesen Plan,
With, here, an addict of Tolkien,
There, a Charles Williams fan.

Full poem here.
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And, of course, all the other star-brow characters from Earendil to Erendis.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?  Is it sheer coincidence or are Pushkin and Tolkien getting it from the same source?

Cool stuff

Aug. 23rd, 2016 01:59 am
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Have been drooling over this: http://www.foliosociety.com/book/TOH/odes-of-horace or (slightly cheaper) http://www.bodleianshop.co.uk/the-odes-of-horace.html  Purely as a useless objet d'art to contemplate; owning it would kill the enjoyment.

And I've just discovered The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926):

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Tolkien: The Lost Recordings on BBC iPlayer Radio

I was expecting more.  While it's great to hear Shippey in his usual combative form, and to learn that my old supervisor is still (mostly) unrepentant in his disdain for Tolkien, what I was looking for were some actual clips of, you know, Tolkien speaking.  And if those add up to two minutes in the entirety of the hour-long programme, then I'm a march hare.  However, I did find out that his answer to the professorial chair interview question of 'what do you think are your most important works' is : 'Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics', 'Chaucer as a Philologist' and 'On Fairy-stories'.  
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reading some more about BHS and Sports Direct, I thought of this

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kortirion_among_the_trees: (Looking Out)
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This was one of the books that defined my childhood (in Russian translation, of course), and now I'm reading it to E. (ditto):


Original illustrations
French illustrations
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Bloody hell! Oxford losing Celtic (and much else it seems)
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Or perhaps someone else.

I can't attend the Tolkien Seminar on 3 July, but I would really, really like to hear the papers.  Do you do podcasts, or anything like that?  Or is it likely that the papers will be published fairly promptly?  Is there any way of accessing them short of emailing the individual speakers?



May. 8th, 2016 08:56 pm
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sometimes the whole corruptness and dishonesty of the media can be encapsulated in one single statistic

1995: Blair's first local elections. 46% Councillors won. "Landslide for Labour"
2006: Cameron's first local elections. 41% councillors won. "Best Tory result for years"
2016: Corbyn's first local elections. 47% councillors won. "Disaster for Corbyn"
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That reveal the depths of your ignorance.  Just saw this (Tyr and Fenrir):

So that's where Beren Erchamion comes from!
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Owen Barfield, English People (1927-29) - just 'published'.  I'm quite curious about this, but will never have time to read it.  Anyone out there know what it's about?

Эмигрантская периодика: www.librarium.fr

Facebook page (lots of photographs of the periodicals being auctioned off)

New Site

Old Site index

Some pics from their Facebook page that caught my eye:

Remember the final line of Dschinghis Khan's hit 'Rasputin': 'Oh, those Russians'?  I never knew it was an expression!

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